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The K-LOVE cruise is filled, but don’t fret there is still an opportunity for you to purchase a stateroom.

We have a certain amount of staterooms on hold for bands, artists, etc. many times all of these rooms are not used, or other guests may have to cancel their cruise and those staterooms become available.


When you book your Standby reservation, it automatically puts you on a list along with the capacity you request. As rooms become available the next person on the list is called to book that room. If it meets their capacity needs, and category that they would like then they will be moved to a normal reservation and their payment will be adjusted.

A Standby reservation is booked and paid for like a normal reservation. You pay a $150 deposit and then the balance will be paid out in monthly payments between now and January 1, 2024. The payments are based on one category, and will be adjusted according to your final room. If no stateroom becomes available you have two choices, 100% refunded all of the money you have paid, or apply towards next year’s K-LOVE Cruise. You also may cancel your Standby reservation at any time with no cancellation penalties. Once your stateroom has been booked and moved from Standby to a normal reservation, cancellation penalties do apply.

All of the exciting details will be coming soon!
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