Big Daddy Weave is made up of a group of "ordinary guys" with an extraordinary job. A job they love every minute of because of the people they meet and minister to along the way!  Their music is a series of anthems about the one they love and trust - Jesus.

Beautiful Offerings, the bands seventh studio album, shares the message that, "Every one of us is beautiful because of what God has deposited in us. Our lives are an opportunity to literally be used for the Kingdom," says lead singer Mike Weaver.

The album follows Love Come To Life (2012) which includes songs like "Overwhelmed" and Redeemed."  The album also includes "The Only Name (Yours Will Be)" a song that Mike likes to discuss this way... "He's given us authority in His name. He's given us healing and redemption in His name. Our identity is wrapped up in the name of Jesus. As children of God, we are living for the glory of someone else, the Son of the living God. Jesus is the only name that matters."